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Artist Statment



              Expression through art has been a lifestyle for Barbara Luzzadder. In her early years, through the performing arts and for over six decades in the more traditional mediums of oils, pen & ink, watercolors, and graphic arts. Later, her artistic path would lead her into the photographic arts.


                After receiving her BA from CSU Chico, she moved to Red Bluff with her husband, Johnny, and began raising their family.  She enrolled in art classes, joined the Red Bluff Art Association and Tehama County Arts Council, surrounding herself with other artists.


               While in the process of working on her Master's Project, Luzzadder's love for photography as an art form was born.  It included composing a series of poems for children and illustrating them with art and photography.  Since her retirement, Barbara has devoted more time to her love of photography, becoming one of the founding members of the Tehama County Photo Club.  Barbara has participated in many exhibits and soloed as a guest artist. 


              "The background I have in art has greatly influenced my photographic artistry.  Calling attention to the ordinary by capturing the subject's uniqueness while composing it through the camera's lens is only part of it.  Finding the story and giving it a new dimension is the goal."


              "I like to incorporate the old master's techniques by creating compositions with their color palettes, utilizing the interplay of light, shadow, contrast, and tone to set the mood."  Luzzadder also likes to create the unexpected in a more contemporary style of abstract or illusion.


              "I believe the arts in their many forms are important and gratifying to incorporate into one's life, whether as a participant in the process or recipient of the creation."     

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