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Upstate California Creative Corps Grants to be Available

The Tehama County Arts Council is announcing grant opportunities through the Upstate California Creative Corps, offering artists, organizations, and local government departments hoping to employ artists an opportunity to apply for funding to create awareness around issues critical to society. Area artists will be matched with a community group, government group, or social service group that could use artists services including graphic services, music, drama, written word as well as beautification. The Creative Corps is in part modeled on the most successful components of the Federal Art Programs of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), which launched on the heels of the Great Depression a hundred-odd years ago.
David Kipen, former Chair of Literature at the National Endowment for the Arts and an authority on the WPA in California, will host conversations on the WPA and the California Creative Corps on Tuesday, January 17th at
1 pm, via a Zoom Meeting. To register and receive a Zoom invitation to attend go to:
Join us alongside Kipen as we explore what it means for artists to get behind and create awareness for public health, environmental issues, climate mitigation, emergency preparedness, relief, recovery, civic
engagement, and social justice. We'll be looking at some of California's most exciting projects from the WPA and brainstorming the sorts of projects that artists might consider in CURRENT contexts. This is a fantastic opportunity for artists and potential organizational partners to get ahead of the curve in positioning themselves for applying to the Upstate California Creative Corps grants. Assistance will be
available for the grant-writing process. For additional information or to apply for a grant, email

California Creative Corps Grant Review Panelist Application

Tehama County’s people are our most treasured resource. A diverse panel pool ensures the integrity of our grant review process for all applicants, representative of our county’s racial, ethnic, and gender identities; eclectic geography; and wealth of organizations, perspectives, and knowledge.


Eligible applicants will be included in a panelist pool to be approved by Tehama County Arts Council – as a partner agency to the Administering Organization for the California Arts Council – in the months preceding the 2023-24 Upstate California Creative Corps grant activity period.


Specifically, panelists selected to serve the Upstate California Creative Corps will review Tehama County’s applications. We will contact panelist applicants between January and March 2023.


The Upstate California Creative Corps is a media, outreach, and engagement campaign designed to increase awareness around public health, water, and energy conservation, climate mitigation, emergency preparedness, relief, and recovery, civic engagement, and social justice. $3.38m will be re-granted to artists and arts and social service organizations, as well as units of government, who will employ artists to this end.

Panelists must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be Tehama County residents

  2. They must be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of multiple applications based on our Upstate California Creative Corps published program goals and review criteria.

  3. They must have the capacity to take part in three (3) mandatory virtual group meetings and 10-12 hours reviewing grants, taking notes, and attending meetings and orientations over a six-to-eight-week period. Each panelist receives a modest honorarium of $150. All reviews and meetings may take place in person and/or remotely. More information about reviewing grants will be provided at the appropriate time.

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