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3/8/2024 – “Show Us Your Kitties!” Art of all cats, large or small, wild or domestic. 4/12/2024 - “Country Roads” Anything, country, ranch, rodeo, western, western landscapes, Southwestern, etc. 5/10/2024 - “Bee Show- Bee Yourself, Bee Kind, Bee Creative” Community involvement and special canvases/frames 6/14/2024 – “NorCal Love” Collaboration with other North State Art communities. Showing what’s special about Northern California. Groups, landmarks, environment, etc. 7/12/2024 – “Fantasies & Fairies" ​ 8/9/2024 – “Super Heroes” Heroes, Heroines, cartoons, personal heroes, tributes, Gods and Goddesses, memories. 9/13/2024 – “The Landscape” landscapes in all mediums 10/11/2024 – “Black Light Nights” Black light night shows with interactive activities. 11/1/2024 - 2024 ArtWalk ​ 11/29/2024 – “Gifts of Joy” Holiday gift show, typically works under $50

Shows for 2024

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