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Call to Artists for Gifts of Joy


Gifts of Joy is our Second Annual special art show, providing the opportunity for members of the community to choose art as gifts for family and friends at an affordable price of under $50. This show is open to members of TCAC, RBAA and TC Photo Club.  

You are invited to hang as many pieces as you can fit on two panels or on two shelves for a hanging fee of $5. Because we hope to provide art gifts of all kinds, this show is open to artistic pottery, fiber art, scarves, jewelry and other works of art not normally exhibited in the gallery. First come, first choice of space. You will hang your own work when you drop it off and create your own titles with prices on business card-sized cards. We will have some blanks available. All works must be priced less than $50. TCAC will take a commission of 20%, so price accordingly. 


Drop off and hanging dates and times are:

Sunday, November 19, 2pm-5pm

Monday, November 20, 9 am- 11 am

Friday, November 24, 9 am- 11am


The show will be open:

Friday, November 24, Noon-4

Saturday, November 25, Noon-4

Friday, December 1, Noon-4

Saturday, December 2, Noon-4

Friday, December 8, Noon-4

Saturday, December 9, Noon-4

Friday, December 15, Noon-4

Saturday, December 16, Noon-4


Art pick up will be Saturday, December 16, 4-6 or Sunday, December 17, noon- 4

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