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Artist Statment

Artist Statement – David Widlund

My relationship with wood has spanned over forty years, both as a wood carver and furniture maker.  More recently, I have been following in the traditions of Swiss and German carvers of the 18th and 19th centuries. 


Much of my current work is in the fantasy style of the Black Forest artists. I enjoy carving the forest inhabitants that might have lived during this other time and place.

The natural properties of the woods influence my direction rather than imposing preconceived drawings or models onto the medium.  My primary hand tools include a mallet and chisels. These are the very same tools used by carvers throughout the centuries. The woods vary widely in regards to hardness, colors, and grains. The most suitable woods, for carving, are black walnut, cherry, basswood, and oak.

The entire process, experienced as a whole, is what I enjoy.  Determining the right subject, all the way to applying the finish, is a fulfilling progression.

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